Overwrite Service doesn't update fields in Map

Discussion created by conniepokorny on Oct 8, 2013
I have a layer I will need to republish every two weeks, and I've designed a map with specific layers and scale dependencies I do not want to re-create every two weeks.

I overwrote the existing feature layers, republished.

I checked the MAPS that these layers are saved in -- it took a day for them to load properly but they are there.  I can tell it updated because I did a definition query on the new layers and that was there.

HOWEVER, I had also added a new field and that new field does not show up.  The problem appears to be related to a rest cache recycle -- kind of the same problem I'd see if I were working with ArcGIS Server, only I am  not.

these are hosted feature services -- how do I get the map containing the re-published layers to show the new field?  Is there a way to do a rest cache recycle on hosted feature services? Is that even the problem?