Can ArcGIS "Perform" urban planning?

Discussion created by sarihi on Oct 8, 2013
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Hi all,
I am less than a beginner in the field.. and just starting exploring what can ArcGIS do in terms of automated solutions generation, for example, can it, and how, calculate the best path (road) between point A and B given a set of rules, for example:

* Best natural slope = 1%, absolute maximum = 20%
* Minimum usage of protected land
* Minimum curve radius = 500m.
* Composed of straight and arches only
* Follow the terrain according to a set of rules
* Estimate cost...
* best solution according to a set of impact analysis models...

And so forth..

The original question is that is it possible and practical to integrate decision making models with GIS in a unified procedure, which can be used as a tool for calculations-based parametric urban planning?

Can GIS propose answers rather than help us do the answering?

Can the urban planning principles and rules be stored and executed in GIS for automated solutions?

I highly appreciate your kind advise as I am just starting to investigate the ArcGIS potentials as a planning and design tool..