Problem with generating containers from a geometric network trace

Discussion created by rpkozoriz on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by RAnderson-esristaff
I have a polygon 'substation_area' which encompasses the entire geographic area of a substation and therefore all of the components within (transformers, switches, etc). My goal is to create a parent/child container such that schematics draws a container around all equipment within the substation.

'substation_area' has been added to the schematic template as a node. In the schematic dataset editor, I have created a spatial query that adds all equipment completely within the polygon, "Add schematic features to diagram" is checked, "Relate schematic features" is checked.

When I generate a schematic based on selected features, a 'substation_area' container is generated. However if I generate a schematic based on a network trace (find all connected), no container is generated. What am I missing?