Instances never being released

Discussion created by shaunrconway on Oct 7, 2013
Good Afternoon,

ArcGIS 10.0 SP5, Windows 2008 R2

We are experiencing issues with our map services never returning to the minimum number of instances allowed. We have published 30+ services, most of which are only occasionally accessed. For that reason, we have set the minimum number of instances to 0 and the maximum at 2. They are pooled. All other settings were left at default values (recycling, timeouts etc.)

For example, we will access a service via one of our applications. At that time, an instance is fired up for the service. After closing the application (web app or arcgis desktop) the service does not release all of the instances. We would expect the number of instances to revert back to the minimum value, in our case 0. We wait to see if the instance will be released after the idle time out period has elapsed, and it doesn't. The only time the value is reset is after we stop/restart the service.

What can be causing this issue? Given the number of services we have running and the number of standard desktop users we have, we run into the issue of maxing out our sde database connections. We can up this number, but would rather determine the cause of the services instances not reverting back to the minimum.