Problem combining services i 10.1

Discussion created by guhacha on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by mvolz47
We are trying to migrate to ArcGis 10.1 from 10.0. Our application uses multiple cached map-services.
We have a background layer cached from 1:250000,100000,50000,25000,10000,5000,2500,1500,800,400,200 to1:100  and a foreground layer cached from 1:25000,10000,5000,2500,1500,800,400,200 to 1:100.

In 10.0 there was no problem creating two services and combining them in a web application is there a difference in 10.1 ?

Simply combining these services in 10.1 in an application doesnt seem to retrieve any tiles, we are using the Web Application Manager to create the application (In FireBug we get "Failure loading tile" and "There is an error during the draw (1.) Unspecified error" in the AGS-log.

The services themself seem fine, viewing them in ArcGis Server manager displays the tiles correctly.
Am also slightly confused why the two new fields in the caching tab on the service, Minimum Scale and Maximum Scale refer to.

Anybody with similar problems ?