Edits will not synchronize

Discussion created by tsurvey on Oct 5, 2013
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Replication: One way parent-child with archiving
Parent Database: ArcGIS 10.1 SDE geodatabase on SQL Express on a dedicated server
Child Database: File geodatabase on network server

Feature class structure (simplified):
   Feature class of buildings - contains attribute for building number and polygons
   Feature class for building data - featureless (no geometry) attribute table containing all of the information regarding the building.
   Feature classes for other information - featureless attribute tables for plumbing, electrical, etc.
The "featureless" feature classes are not "tables", they are feature classes.  I found the search ability to be more robust this way, but I also had synchronizing problems when this data was just tables.

Relationships: all of the various tables are linked via the building number or other common attributes between tables (e.g. building data has a code for plumbing that links to the plumbing table.  Many of the links become circular, which works well for complete coverage of the data.

If I edit any of the cells in the buildings feature class, the changes will synchronize.  If I edit any of the cells in the featureless feature classes (data only attribute tables), none of the changes will synchronize.  Is there something in the way that the tables or database is setup that would cause this problem.  It's a good thing I have short hair - harder to pull out:-)

Any suggestion is wlcome, I have tried even things that seemed silly; all to no avail, but I am something of a newbie to this stuff.