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Value from a table into a map algebra expression?

Question asked by aariel22 on Oct 5, 2013
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How do you incorporate a value from a table into a map algebra expression?
My goal is to subtract the 'background temperature' from all cells in a raster.  I have defined the 'background temp' as the average value of the cells in the lowest quartile of my raster.  I have used 'slice' to identify which cells are in the lowest quartile, then I used 'Zonal Statistics as table' to get the average value of cells in that lowest quartile.  So now, I want to pull the mean from the Zonal stats table where "Value"=1.  I feel like a lookup function should be able to work for this, but it seems to be just for rasters.

Is there any way to use map algebra to pull a coefficient value out of a table so that it can be called for further calculations?

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