How to choose Print Size

Discussion created by scotilen on Oct 4, 2013
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Hello guys,

I'm new in arcgis community and i'm trying to build a map application using arcgis js 10.0. My problem now is how to choose the paper size at printing, example: A4, A3, A2.

I have a dropdown in my website, so the user can choose the desired paper size and a button to print the map. I'm trying to make it using only one Template (.mxd). I saw some examples where it's needed to have a template for each paper size.

Is there anyway to choose the paper size of a template by javascript ? So i would not need more then one template file.

I was taking a look in ArcMap and i found an option to scale the printing proportionally by the paper size, i hope it means that there is a good way to reach it by the javascript API. 

(ArcMap > Page Print Setup > Scale Map Elements proportionally to changes in Page Size)

I appreciate any help. Thank you for your time!