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Slope percent values,  0-489.53

Question asked by aziegler11 on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by aziegler11
Hi, I am using a corporate data floating point grid for slope percent for my agency.  It is a floating point grid and the values range from 0-489.582.  I want to convert this to an integer grid, so that I may then convert to a polygon.  What I do not understand is the values...they seem too high to be an actual percent.  The cell size is 10m and the projection is NAD 83 UTM 10...I read another forum that if the values seem to high then perhaps it was because it needed to be converted to UTM first from degrees.  But this being corporate data, I do not believe the conversion was in error.  The rest of my organization is furloughed and I have no one to ask about this.
Thanks for any info....