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VBS 999999 Error

Question asked by riamuyabu on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by riamuyabu

I have written a script for the model builder's calculate field function in VBScript but I keep getting the 999999 error.

I have gone over my code several times but cannot seem to find a reason for it not to be able to run.

FIELD NAME: JOIN_CarData_RoadLinks.OrientationOfCar
EXPRESSION: CarOrientation
Dim CarOrientation

Dim RoadOrientation
RoadOrientation = [JOIN_CarData_RoadLinks.Orientation]

Dim RoadCompass
RoadCompass = [JOIN_CarData_RoadLinks.CompassA]

Dim RoadCompassMax
RoadCompassMax = RoadCompass + 170

If RoadCompassMax > 360 Then
RoadCompassMax = RoadCompassMax - 360
ElseIf RoadCompassMax < 0 Then
RoadCompassMax = RoadCompassMax + 360
End If

Dim RoadCompassMin
RoadCompassMin = RoadCompass - 170

If RoadCompassMin > 360 Then
RoadCompassMin = RoadCompassMin - 360
ElseIf RoadCompassMax < 0 Then
RoadCompassMin = RoadCompassMin + 360
End If

Dim PointBearing
PointBearing = [JOIN_CarData_RoadLinks.Bearing]

If PointBearing > RoadCompassMin And PointBearing < RoadCompassMax Then
CarOrientation = RoadOrientation
End if

If PointBearing < RoadCompassMin Or PointBearing > RoadCompassMax Then
If RoadOrientation = "-" Then
  CarOrientation = "+"
End if

If RoadOrientation = "+" Then
  CarOrientation = "-"
End if
End if
I have tried including and excluding the "JOIN_CarData_RoadLinks." in my field allocations and replacing the declared variables used in the body of my code with the actual table's fields. I have copied my code into a VBScript IDE to check the syntax and it couldn't find anything wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.