Trying to interpolate beyond sample points to polygon extent

Discussion created by MG1986 on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by MG1986
I have a polygon shapefile of an oil basin, and a point file of sample points that fall within the polygon.  I am using Natural Neighbor to try to interpolate a z-value from the points, but every time i run it, it only produces a raster to the edges of the points. I am trying to get it to interpolate to fill up the entire polygon of the basin.  I have heard you can interpolate beyond the extent of sample points, but I cannot get it to work.  I have tried everything including setting the raster processing extent to that of the polygon extent, and setting the polygon as a mask in the environment settings of the Nearest Neighbor tool. This video describes what Ive tried starting around the 6:25 mark. This is for a big map project I am struggling with at work. Any help greatly appreciated.