TextSymbol setAngle() doesn't rotate the text

Discussion created by pkhantidhara on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by pkhantidhara
I'm on JS API 3.7. I tried the new LabelLayer feature. Everything else works fine but I cannot rotate the text. I thought setAngle() in TextSymbol will do that. Turns out nothing get rotated, any idea?

Here's how I use it.

var parcelsColor = new dojo.Color("#333");
var parcelsTextSymbol = new esri.symbols.TextSymbol().setColor(parcelsColor).setAngle(200);
var parcelsLabelRenderer = new esri.renderers.SimpleRenderer(parcelsTextSymbol);
var parcelsLabel = new esri.layers.LabelLayer({ id: "parcelsLabel" });
parcelsLabel.addFeatureLayer(parcelLayer, parcelsLabelRenderer, "${" + labelField + "}");