Not able to add add-in to toolbar

Discussion created by mkohlerpsl on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by mkohlerpsl
I have been using and deploying Add-In's for some time now. I now have come across a problem where I cannot add any add-in buttons with the Customize... dialog. I can see the add-in's I've created in the Add-In Manager. I pointed the manager to the correct folders where we deploy our add-in's and they all show up under the Shared Add-In's. However, when I go to put the buttons on a toolbar with the Customize dialog, none of the categories show up in the Commands tab.

We have several computers that use these Add-In's and they all work as they should. I've run into a problem on a few computers where they don't. I have a support call in but haven't heard anything for a few days.

Any help would be welcomed!