Many to one join, copying and pasting multiple countries within a world shapefile.

Discussion created by leahhoeniges on Oct 2, 2013
I have an Excel spreadsheet with information from different deployments (that can be separated by year, staff, sector, type of disaster, etc.) I'm trying to upload this into ArcGIS Online to create a simple map that the team is able to easily update and maintain after I leave.

I have figured out a way to do this, however, the steps that need to be performed in ArcDesktop are not simple, nor easy for someone with little GIS experience to do every week or two (whenever they decide to update their maps). Some deployments are not staged in the country we are working in (as in we may have staff living in Lebanon, but working in Syria), so the point system using long/lat doesn't work.

Uploading shapefiles is tedious, as there are more than one deployment in a country during a given year (or a staff member in a country more than once per year, etc.) I have to use the Editor tool to copy and paste countries where there are more than one deployment (as well as edit both the Excel file and shapefile to DRC 1, DRC 2, etc). Then, I select out the countries deployed that year (many times multiple countries that I've copied and pasted) from the world shapefile > export > zip > and finally upload to my map on ArcGIS Online. This works. But it's not ideal. It takes a lot of time, especially for the previous few years where we've had more deployments and more than one in certain countries.

Is there an easier way to edit multiple countries in Desktop so that my many to one join works with less complexity? Something more simple, that someone who will have to upkeep the map will be able to do.

I understand that it's the many to one join I'm having problems with, but I cannot think of any other solution than copying and pasting the singular countries within the world shapefile.

ANY ideas are welcomed!!