3D Line Editing for a Profile

Discussion created by morsebl on Oct 1, 2013

I'm using a program to cut alignment sheets in ArcMap.  I'm running into a problem when it comes to the profile though.  I've been using points that the program would scan to create the profile.  The problem is that I am now trying to use this program to generate preliminary alignment sheets and I need to create �??fake�?� bores for roads and such.

This was being done in AutoCad before and they have an easy way of doing it that I was hoping to be able to duplicate using ArcScene to edit a 3D line.  Basically they would just draw a circle with whatever radius needed in Cad then drop it onto their profile line and trim the excess.

This is what I was hoping to be able to do in ArcScene with the 3D line, then place the circle where I needed it under the road, trim and merge with the original line removing the excess.  I haven�??t even figured out how or if I can draw a circle perpendicular to the ground yet though.

The program also scans 3D lines for the profile.  I got the 60 day trial of 3D Analyst to use ArcScene trying to figure this out to see if it would work before actually buying the extension, but I�??ve had no luck after messing with it for about a week.  And now I have other work to get done.

I was also going to try using the 3D analyst profile thing in ArcMap, sorry I haven�??t actually tried this one yet, to see if I could actually manipulate what it actually gives me.  Again, I haven�??t even attempted to try this one yet so it probably won�??t even let me change anything.

Any help, tips, pointers, links to tutorials or whatever is appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Sorry, forgot this.  I'm using 10.1