PKINFO Files not opening in ArcMap 10.1

Discussion created by jared.allen on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2013 by jared.allen
I have been editing several feature polygons in the cloud of ArcGIS Online and wish to open the polygons in ArcMap 10.1 Desktop to save off.  However, I have been unsuccessful in getting 10.1 to open with the polygons stored online.  I have tried signing into my ArcGIS online account through the ArcMAp 10.1 Desktop and adding the map package, the online data transfer starts but then get "Could not Open Specified File" Error message.  Likewise, if I go through ArcGIS online and click the open in ArcGIS 10 Desktop option, the same Error occurs.  Is this a known issue or is there a work around?  Thanks in Advance.