"Buddy" property inToolbarControl or TOCControl.

Discussion created by sharpened on Oct 1, 2013
Hi, my friends,I am new to the ArcEngine,but counld you launch me what's done when the Buddy property of ToolbarControl is set to a MapControl.
Here is the code:
 private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
            toolbar.SetBuddyControl(map_main);//Set the MapControl as the Buddy control of ToolBar.

The toolbar is not active when I add the two sentence codes when the form loads.But when I manual set the Buddy property of the  ToolBar,you know that,when the ToolBar is activate when running the App. Or this two actions do not do the same work? I always think that they do the same work,is'n it?
Thanks for your time.