Holding Pattern Rotation

Discussion created by Celil on Sep 30, 2013

Annotation feature classes has a placement properties and their rotation can be automated by a attribute so I use this way to rotate holding pattern's annotation classes like inbound course value. It can be link by the any short integer field on the holding pattern carto feature class but if you look at the holding pattern carto class itself, i couldn't see any way to automate the rotation of the symbol. You can give a angle to representation of the holding pattern carto feature class representation but it is a stable value and can not be automate like annotation classes. Is there any way to do this that I'm missing or just for now there is no way for this ?

With visual specifications tool production of the representations can be automate very well but it can only use for the specifications which rule types defined as a field. Is there anyway to automate this  for the representation rule types ?

Waiting for the reply and thanks in advance.