Registering Data Source Bug for Versions using Windows Accounts

Discussion created by jvseagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Sep 30, 2013

I have a full enterprise environment with ArcGIS for Server and ArcSDE 10.2.

When I try to register a database using a connection file that uses a version associated with a domain account ArcGIS for Server fails.

The steps to reproduce are quite simple:
1 - In ArcMap create a connection file referencing a version associated with a domain account.
Server: SomeServer
Instance: sde:sqlserver:SomeServer
Database: sde
User: SomeUser
Password: SomePass
Version: "MyDomain\sousaj".MyVersion

Test the connection.

2 - Save the connection on a location that the ArcGIS for Server process has permissions to read.
3 - Browse to ArcGIS for Server Manager and try to register the database importing the connection file created before.
     ArcGIS for Server loads the connection and display its properties but when you click on create it fails saying:

           The connection file property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Version not found [SomeUser.MyDomain\sousaj]

As you can see above the way ArcGIS for Server is constructing the version is incorrect. If I use a database user instead I can see that it constructs this correctly but not when using a domain account.

Can you guys provide me a workaround as this is at this stage a show stopper? I have scripts for publishing services in both Server and Portal and I can't do nothing at this stage because of this.

Jose Sousa