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Best Practice for Integrating Hundreds of Photos into Web Map Pop-ups

Question asked by skruegerciviltechinc on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by skruegerciviltechinc
For my web map application, I'm creating a map of old properties so I have hundreds of photos of houses that I need URL's for so I can integrate them into my customized pop-ups. I'm currently compiling a CSV with an IMG_URL column among other attributes of interest I require.

Has anyone found a more streamlined approach for batch creating Image URL's and then populating the accompanying CSV table? This is the process I'm currently doing...

Upload images to flicker > Individually extract Image source url from code > copy and paste each URL into appropriate CSV spreadsheet record.....SO TIME CONSUMING.

Alternatives? Or am I going to have to strap in for a ton of plug and chug data input?