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COMException: The geometry is not M-aware for using SDE Oracle

Question asked by shaningesri on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by shaningesri
In one of my projects, I created a function to break a curve (or line segment) into multiple points.  When I run this piece of code:
        private List<IPoint> GetPoints(ICurve curve, double mspacing) {
            var outList = new List<IPoint>();
            var mseg = curve as IMSegmentation3;
            if (mseg.MMonotonic == esriMMonotonicEnum.esriMNotMonotonic)
                throw new Exception("polyline not monotonic");
            for (double m = mseg.MMin; m <= mseg.MMax; m += mspacing)  {
                var geomcoll = mseg.GetPointsAtM(m, 0.0);
                if (geomcoll != null && geomcoll.GeometryCount > 0)      {
                    var pnt = geomcoll.get_Geometry(0) as IPoint;
            return outList;
I got the COMException error: The geometry is not M-aware.  What is about it?  Thanks.