Customize Route Tool in ArcGIS Desktop 10 or Use similar in ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by shieldr on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2013 by dmandloi-esristaff
I need to create or hopefully customize an existing tool that will grab a series of addresses and find the shortest path to each (in a loop, I suppose) from a singular starting address.

Can this be done with the "Route Tool" available in ArcMap Desktop 10 ?

Are there implications for the announcment regarding the retirement of the "Legacy Tool" ? And is the "Route Tool" that exists in ArcGIS 10 the Legacy Tool that is being addressed in that announcement [ ref.: ]

Would this be more easily accomplished in ArcGIS Online ? Can I do it on the desktop using Python Scripting ? Is the "Find Route" Tool "open" and available for scripting customization to accomplish the above task ?

Any input would be helpful.