Spatial Join

Discussion created by Youngy on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by rfairhur24
I have a polygon layer which has a field called use class, each with an appropriate value A1, A2 A3 etc.
I also have a line layer which runs along the 'front' of the polygon layer.
What I would like to do is spatially join the polygons to the line feature class so that the use class value in the line layer can be derived from the polygon layer.
When I run the spatial join I select 'is closet to it'. The results are not what I want as the value which is added appears to be derived from the polygon at the start and end point of the line rather than the majority of the line. For example there is a use class of A1 then A2 then another at A1 There are 3 separate lines running along the front of A1, A2 and the second A1 I would expect the second line to be populated with A2 but as the start and end point touch an A1 polygon its assigning A1 rather than A2. So my question is how to tell it to use the value between the start and end point. Hope that makes sense..