Apply CAD symbology to CADToGeodatabase_conversion FeatureClass

Discussion created by Matshopp on Sep 30, 2013
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I've got thousands of DWG files that used to be published as MapServices since ArcGIS 10.1.

In ArcGIS 10.1, CAD FeatureClass are no longer supported for MapServices

I'm using CADToGeodatabase_conversion to export them to FGB format and then I add them to a map document as Layers.

Now I need to apply the CAD File symbology to these Layers.

Has anyone achieved this ?

Here is what I've been doing so far :

I first validated that the process could be done manually in ArcMap :
I add my dwg file, get to its FeatureClass layer properties, change "CAD unique entity value" to "Unique values, many fields" (which match perfectly) and export it as a .lyr file.
Then I could apply my .lyr file symbology to the associated CADToGeodatabase_conversion FeatureClass layer.
It works fine.

But I'm stuck trying to script the process :

I've made a layer from the CAD file and test the symbology type :

for dwg in glob.glob("*.dwg"):

 dwgPath = os.path.abspathdwg 
 arcpy.env.workspace = dwgPath

 dwgFcList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()

 for dwgFc in dwgFcList :

  layer = arcpy.mapping.Layer(myFeatLayName)

  print layer.symbologyType

It says "OTHER" as it supposes to.

If I'm adding the layer to a map document at this stage, the layer is recognized as "CAD Feature Class" but its symbology is "uniqueValue". Anyway,

I thought I could change the symbology type to "Unique values, many fields", save it as a .lyr file and then apply it to my CADToGeodatabase_conversion FeatureClass layer as I've done manually.

However the documentation says that you can not convert the symbology if the symbology type is "OTHER" :

Depending on the symbology type, a layer's symbology can be modified. There are a limited number of supported symbology types for which properties and methods are available. It is good practice to first test the layer's symbologyType property. If a value of OTHER is returned, then the layer's symbology can't be modified.

Has anyone an idea to get this working ?