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LIDAR asc files without spatial references processing ArcGIS 10.0

Question asked by jolou on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2013 by xander_bakker
Hello, I recently acquired LIDAR files which are in .asc format. My objective is to create an automatic model using modelbuilder so any LIDAR files of a watershed area can be processed in order to extract paramters such as geographical extend...
But I'm stuck at the first step, I have the raw LIDAR data in .asc format and when I open it in notepad++, it shows only 3 columns and about 3 millions rows of datas, the matter is that I have no spatial reference, I don't have any information such as :
    NROWS xxx
    CELLSIZE xxx

I can specify myself the number of rows, columns and the nodata value but I can't specify the cellsize or the geographical extend of the dataset. I can't create a Raster using the ASCII to Raster Tool (which is strange by the way considering a raster doesn't need spatial references to exist). I'd like to know how I could convert such files into Raster data (preferably TIFF) which I can then specify spatial references.
Thanks in advance,