Write out data from harmonized world soil database in separate global raster

Discussion created by naipalv on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by daniel1971
I have downloaded the soil data from the harmonized world soil database (HWSD). There is a global raster .bil file with mu_global values for every grid in the raster, then there is a .mdb table with attribute data, such as soil structure, organic carbon etc. In Arcgis 10.0 I have linked this table to the raster file through the mu_global parameter to see the attribute data accross the whole globe. But now I want to export this raster with the linked table to a separate raster or a netcdf. How do I do it? Because originally the raster that I want to export only contains the mu_global values, so when I export it the linked table data is gone and I am left only with the mu_global values, that is not what i want. I want the attribute data linked to the raster file as a seperate raster file so I can use it in my model or outside arcgis. So basically I want ot write out the data in the format of a global raster or array.
Has someone done this before or has som ideas?

Here is the HWSD data described: