Point graphics drawn twice on iPad

Discussion created by zj_zou on Sep 27, 2013
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Hi fellow GIS folks,

I have a custom drawing tool developed using JSAPI 3.6, which allows the users to draw points, lines, polygons and texts. It works great on desktop browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and IE. However, when I test the function on an iPad, the point graphic is added to the map twice every time when I tap on the map. The issue only occurs with point graphics. Line and polygon graphics are all added once.


  • Does the tap gesture trigger the onDrawEnd event twice, or any other cause?

  • What is the best debug tool to troubleshoot the JS app on iPad? The online search shows not promising result. The best bet so far is weinre. But with it, you cannot set breakpoints. Am I missing something? We only have windows machine, so Mac option does not work for me.

Thanks in advance.

Jason Z.