DriveTimeBuffer Error ID 100004. Radii works, but not drive times.

Discussion created by michaelgordon on Sep 27, 2013
Hello all,

I am trying to request/receive demographics data and geometries for drive times around certain locations.  I've been working through the examples in the API documentation and looked through the forums, but I cannot figure out why I am receiving an error for drive time buffers.  When I run the same request on radii it works great, but not drive times.  I have a similar situation when I try reports (radii works, but drive times create an error message). Does somebody know what I'm doing wrong?  Thank you.

Sample Request:
http://geoenrich.arcgis.com/arcgis/rest/services/World/geoenrichmentserver/GeoEnrichment/enrich?StudyAreas=[{"address":{"text":"380 New York Street Redlands CA 92737"}}]&studyAreasOptions={"areaType":"DriveTimeBuffer","bufferUnits":"esriDriveTimeUnitsMinutes","bufferRadii":[5,10,15]}&analysisVariables=["TOTPOP_CY"]&useData={"sourceCountry":"US"}&f=pjson&forStorage=false&returnGeometry=true&token= (and then my current token)

"error": {
  "code": 100004,
  "message": "Error ID 100004. SOAP/REST API wrapper execution error.",
  "details": [
   "Error code: 0x186A4\nError description: Error ID 100004. SOAP/REST API wrapper execution error.;\nFunction: CAsbRequestHandler::ExecuteFunction;\n\nCOM Error;\nFunction: GeoEnrichmentAPI::Execute;\n\nCOM Error;\nFunction: GeoEnrichmentAPI::CalculateData;\n\nError code: 0x80004005\nError description: COM Error;\nFunction: GeoEnrichment::StudyAreaVisitor::operator ();\n\nCOM Error;\nFunction: GeoEnrichment::NAAlgorithm::Execute\n\n"
"messages": [

Thank you,