arcpy.mapping: ExportToTIFF() creates invalid output

Discussion created by kcrowell@portageinc.com on Jul 1, 2010
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I did indeed search for any other posts on this and saw none, apologies if this is incorrect.  I have installed ArcGIS10 on my secondary machine to test functions which should help with a milestone deliverable in the next week, particularly batching the exports (I'm much better at python than C#).  While ExportToPDF() appears to work fine, the preferred TIFF export function produces a small file which is not recognized by Windows XP or by IDL 7.1.  I'm running a python distribution by ActiveState (2.6.5) with the latest numpy installed prior to receiving ArcGIS 10. Syntax was:

arcpy.mapping.ExportToTIFF(kmxd, kpath+"\\test1.tif", resolution=300)

where kmxd is a valid MapDocument object and kpath is a valid path to a directory.  The output file for a tabloid mxd is only around 122000 bytes rather than the ~50MB expected for an uncompressed file at this resolution. The same arguments passed to ExportToJPEG() appears to work fine; however for vector graphics we do not like JPG. 

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Kelly Crowell