Web editing - simple feature classes from topology

Discussion created by Bartek on Sep 26, 2013

I have published a feature service with simple features using GDB connection to NONVERSIONED DEFAULT version. My web clients were able to edit these feature classes. I assume that after each edit in web (we use ArcGIS Viewer for Flex) changes are stored in business tables (base tables) immediately, right? At the same time I have two desktop editors editing the the same DEFAULT version. Web editors can see changes made by desktop editors after they save edits. Everything is fine.

Now, we need topology in order to give desktop users possibility to check and remove topology errors on features edited by web editors. So I have created the topology and had to register the dataset as VERSIONED. I have started the feature service and IT LOOKS LIKE it is possible to edit features. Is it still as before that they edit BASE tables from DEFAULT version directly?

For desktop users I have created child version. I assume they will be able to see web edits after reconciling the versions, right? Do the web editors will see desktop edits after posting the changes to DEFAULT versions or they have to compress GDB?

I am asking because web editors started to complain that some of their edits are not being saved in GDB (are not visible on the web client).

There is a time gap between reconcile and post operations done in desktop, right? What happens with web edits done (saved?) exactly during that time? Desktop editors do not see these and overwrite them when posting to DEFAULT?