geodatabase and results ruined by a TIN??

Discussion created by kripe535 on Sep 26, 2013
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I had a functional geodatabase created to store all my work in progress. As part of my work I had to create a TIN. I wanted to put the TIN in my GDB, but my problem now is that the TIN has taken the same name as the folder and I can't access the original folder with the GDB or the files in the GDB. The files from the missing GDB that are still in my map document are Ok and when looking in properties their origin is still my original folder in the GDB but anytime I try to access anything else than what I already have in the map the folder is gone from both ArcMap and Catalog and replaced by a TIN with the same name as my missing folder.  That TIN is not accessible, can't be opened or deleted. What to do?? I wan't my old folder back in it's place with all my results.

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