Getting the Latest Joined Attributes - Database Connect and Join needed everytime?

Discussion created by sidneygis on Sep 26, 2013
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Q. How to get linked attributes native in a GIS layer, without having to do a database connection and join every time?

Using ArcCatalog, I know how to create a database link, and make a table available for a join to a GIS layer. I've tested that after the JOIN, the data is automatically updated when revised at the source database. BUT, is there a way to get the most up to date attributes after a link, without having to specify a database connection and join every time?

My user wants to simply click on the GIS layer, and have the most up to date, linked attributes available - no database connection, no join. Is that possible? Are there any Esri solutions that can serve this up?

The solution I can only see is to create a FME script to join the attributes and then overwrite the existing GIS layer - do this at regular intervals so that when my user does click on the GIS layer, it will have the latest linked attributes.

Can we accomplish this by creating table views in the SDE database, and having configured GIS layers with JOIN to these tables, maybe the GIS layers will refresh automatically with the most recent joined attributes? Am I way off the mark here?

Is a script like this, the only way to go? Is there an Esri solution, perhaps one in version 10.2?

system note: SQL SERVER 2008 R2, ArcMap 10.1, Windows Server 2008 R2