Snap to Nearest Cache Scale

Discussion created by johnmdye on Sep 26, 2013
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We weren't satisfied with ESRI's standard basemap offerings so we created our own. Then I created a local cache of our basemaps in an effort to speed up draw times on our desktops which worked wonderfully.

The last issue that we're seeing is that since we are now using a cache in ArcMap, the basemap pixelates when the user uses the Continuous Zoom tool (Magnifying Glass) and ends up at an irregular scale.


  • We've cached the scales 1:100K, 1:75K and 1:50K.

  • If the user is at 1:100K and uses the Continuous Zoom In control, he/she may end up at an irregular scale of, lets say 1:64,236.

  • Because that scale of 1:64,236 is not one of the exact scales (1:75K, 1:50K) that was cached but is in between, the tiles are stretched and skewed to fit the extent, resulting in some pixelation of the basemap and labels.

It's not terrible, but its certainly noticeable.

What I need to do is figure out a way to know when the user is using the Zoom Control, so that I can snap them to the nearest cache scale or set up some sort of 'stepped-zooming' in ArcMap so that they can only zoom to the cache scales I have created.

Any good ideas?