Server timeouts and reports of slow service

Discussion created by amarsden on Sep 26, 2013

I'm trying hard to switch off my ArcIMS internal browser based mapping now that I am happy with my JSAPI version.  However, some users are reporting speed issues.
I think some of this is down to putting requests in for services that have not been used for a while, so I'm looking at the timeout setting on the server.

We have "The maximum time a client can use a service" this is defined as "The amount of time between when a client gets a reference to a service and when it releases it is the usage time"

So on this one two questions. In this context is a client a end user with a web browser, or the Connection between the IIS and ArcGIS server.  Secondly, does this get reset after this time regardless of use?

Then we have "maximum time an idle instance can be kept running"  I think I understand this, say I have a service with aerial photos, someone uses it.  Then for the next X seconds the server keeps it active.  If no-one uses it in that time it closes it down.  If a new request is made after that it may take longer for the server to wake up - is that right?

So, what recommendations do people have for these settings to ensure that during the working day users don't have to wait longer than they should for a response?