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Discussion created by manisharote on Sep 25, 2013
I am new to JavaScript API for ArcGIS server, but before to this i have around 5 years experience in arc objects with .net so i can perfectly understand the concepts

but i don't know how to do it in JavaScript API

My task and concept is - now there is only one layer called zip(Polygon) layer which contains zips which contains around 15000 zips. which I am calling as a service from ArcGIS server. Now a group of adjacent zips lets say around 15 zip forms a Territory, So the territory id is updated as one of the attribute in zip layer.

My tasks

1) On Map load(Depending on the Login) i will pass a territory id,it will query that territory id in attribute and than zoom to that territory as single polygon highlighted with zips in the background, and on mouse over it should display the territory id (Now why can't I add a new territory layer for optimization is because see task 2)

2) After task one there is a second task like to dynamically transfer the zip to one territory to another territory, and vise verse . so there will two buttons 'zipin' and 'zipout'. on 'Zipin' i will select any adjacent zip and press 'Zipin' button and that zip should dynamically move to highlighted territory (in this process it should check that the zip selected to move in should be adjacent to target territory and should not be from target territory), after this the territory as single polygon highlighted should reshape.

Here are some questions are:-
1) Which Layer service would be more reliable and fast for this tasks
2) What is the right approach we can take for this two task
3) What are the things we can precompile in the database or in the attribute table to make this tasks more fast and reliable.

Please give you suggestion and comments to improve this task and make it more fast, I will appreciate some sample codes and ideas from you

Manish Arote