Issue with ArcGIS online

Discussion created by detroit on Sep 24, 2013
I have a certain code that works flawlessly with our arcgis server but fails to execute with arcgis online.

For instance i got 3 feature layers and iquery them

Log.i("1", "1");
fLayer.queryFeatures(query, new CallbackListener<FeatureSet>()
public void onCallback(final FeatureSet result)
         { Log.i("2", "2"}


With ArcGIS server i would always get 3x 1 1 and 3x 2 2 outputs. But with ArcGIS online i just get till before query execution. So i only get three times 1 1 in the LogCat. With the ArcGIS online it never comes to callback unless i only have one layer. Is there some ongoing issue i should be aware of or is my workflow wrong?

Thank for the help