Adding geometric objects to an attribute table

Discussion created by matself on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by dknolan
A seemingly simple task baffles me in ArcGIS Desktop. Basically, I want to stick points to attribute rows in a gdb table. Googling fails, probably because I cannot put the question right. The environment is ArcGIS Desktop 10, editor license.

The task is this: I have a scanned and georeferenced map with some 200 points. I also have an accompanying excel table with the point attributes, which I have imported as a table in a file gdb. There is no georeference at all in the excel file, but I have added an unique identifier to each row.
Now I want to geocode the table by selecting each row, find the corresponding object on the map and then digitize a point which then will be connected to the attribute row. This is how it would be done in MapInfo but I fail to figure out the equivalent method for ArcGIS Desktop.
The crucial point seems to be how to make the attribute table into a point table without point objects.
I am sorry if the solution is obvious, I am probably just having a bad day.

Regards, Mats.E