ArcGIS for iOS 10.1.1 is NOT compatible with iOS7

Discussion created by scastrianni on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by carbuckle
The ArcGIS framework library references a symbol "__ZTISt12out_of_range" that has been removed from the CoreTelephony framework provided by Apple in iOS7.  CoreTelephony framework from iOS6 has this symbol so everything is good when running on the old version.  You can see this for yourselves by using nm on both CoreTelephony for iOS6 and iOS7 and then on ArcGIS.  The end result is the exact same app binary that runs on iOS6 will fail immediately on iOS7 at startup with:

Dyld Error Message:
Symbol not found: __ZTISt12out_of_range
Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/F2E81A42-3AC2-4263-9977-E9CC44C37BD6/
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/CoreTelephony
in /var/mobile/Applications/F2E81A42-3AC2-4263-9977-E9CC44C37BD6/
Dyld Version: 324

I verified that if I remove my ArcGIS dependency, the app starts up just fine.  Therefore, I have three questions:

  1. Why would Apple remove something from a core framework if others could be referencing it?  That would cause all end users that upgraded to iOS7 to have all their apps crash for those that referenced this symbol.  Perhaps, ESRI referenced a private symbol that was not part of the public API?

  2. This symbol that is not found seems to be an error related symbol, as if my app is encountering some error and then crashing trying to handle that error.  Is there some way for me to avoid encountering the original error in the first place?

  3. Is anybody else experiencing this issue when running on iOS7?