Converting 4-band raster to 3-band.  How?

Discussion created by rchasan on Sep 24, 2013
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Using ArcMap 10.1/ C#/ ArcObjects

Within an add-in, the program is using the ExtractByMask Geoprocessor function to create tiffs from sde raster layers.  It works fine when working against 1 and 3 band rasters, but when a 4-band raster is used against it, it produces nothing.  Seems like the CompositeBands function should be suitable for converting the 4-band raster to 3-band, but I cannot figure out how to create the input raster for it.  Can someone provide a either a code snippet or a clue as to a good way to produce the 3-band input programmatically? Seems like I'm missing something simple...  Thanks.