Multidimensional zonal statistics

Discussion created by cottierf on Sep 24, 2013
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I'm posting here as I encountered a bug using the multidimensional zonal statistics script from the multidimensional supplemental tool <>. Using data from the global precipitation dataset (0.5 degree cell netCDF file, with separate band for  month from 1901 to 2010), I would like to compute the amount of precipitation by administrative zone for Kenya per year (I use the GAUL dataset -feature class dataset- for the first administrative order).

I'm however stuck at the first step, which consists in getting the total amount of precipitation for each kenyan administrative zone for each time band. When using the multidimensional zonal statistics script, I get an error in python, whereby it appears that there is an error with the SnapRaster. I'm surprised to get this error, since the zone field is a feature layer (the gaul dataset). Anyway, I did try also using a raster conversion (with 05. degree cell) of the polygon GAUL layer, but I still get the same error, as well as when I tell arcpy explicitly to consider the gaul raster, as the snap raster (in the environment variable).

To be honest, it is the first time, I'm using netCDF file and I'm a bit lost here ;)

So I would appreciate any help to overcome this issue!

Many thanks and best wishes,

PS: feel free to contact me if you need more details.