MapView instantly freezes after 3-finger multitouch (HTC) (workaround available)

Discussion created by uepaaag on Sep 24, 2013
Hi guys

PROBLEM with HTC phones that have activated "HTC Gestures" in the settings (Settings > Display, gestures & buttons / or Display & buttons): As soon as there is a third touch on the mapview it instantly "freezes" => no more touch events get through. Apparently the "HTC Gestures" intercepts multitouch events (more than 2 touches). The mapview can not handle this correctly.

* If it did "freeze" already => restart the app (make sure the mapView is RECREATED)
* just disable the "HTC Gestures" feature and it won't happen again.

It would be better if the mapView was able to respond to single touch and two finger multitouch (normal pinch) even if HTC Gestures intercepts 3 point multitouches.

See the HTC Gestures description here: https://support.htc.com/en-uk/005-HTC_One/020/010/000