changing resolution

Discussion created by farzana81 on Sep 23, 2013
I have a dataset Global lakes and wetland database which is in grid format  and have  integer values with the resolution of 0.0083 degree. I want to convert it 0.5 degree. I am trying by resampling(bilinear or cuvic) but i have noticed that this are use for continuous data.as this is a catagorical data which has 12 cell value and wetland type such as 1=lake,2=reservoir,3=river,4=marsh,5=swamp forest,6=coastal wetland,7=saline,8=peatland,9=intermittent wetland,10=50-100% wetland,11=25-50% vwetland,12=0-25% wetland respectively. Infact i am to looking for identifying wetland types so i don't want to use 1,2,3(lake,reservoir,river) cell value.if i do re sampling and use nearest neighbour then it calculate all the cell values 1-12.however i am trying to aggregate first but i am confused while putting cell factor.i dont understand what should i write on their. Because this is the factor by which to multiply the cell size of the input raster to get the desired resolution where the integer value must greater than 1.I  am not so familiar with Arc GIS  and i will be happy if you kindly let me know or give some advice how i am able to change the resolution from 0.0083 to 0.5 degree as well.
with thanks