Can Agent Analyst create new objects  in table of ArcGIS?

Discussion created by Lomi89 on Sep 22, 2013

I'm studying Geoinformatics in Germany. In a seminar we have to do some work on a cougar simulation. There are some male and some female cougar agents which shall mate and then give birth to a new cougar.
Male and female cougars each have a separate table in ArcMap with a certain number of entries. Each of them has a shapefile, which is linked to Agent Analyst.

Following problem occurs:
When cougars are mating and a new cougar kid is born, there has to be created a new object in the cougar kid table in ArcGIS.
I already have created such a table, added a shapefile, and linked this shapefile as source to my cougar kid agent class. In addition i have an action in Cougar Model class, which contains writing each movement of the agents into the shapefile.

My question is now:
Is there any command in Agent Analyst with that I can create a new entry(= a new kid) in the table of ArcGIS.
I hope you understand my problem and my bad english ^^

I would be grateful for your answer.