Selecting the first node (or Point) of a line and performing calcs at that point.

Discussion created by kseabrook on Sep 20, 2013
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Hello Fellow Forum Users...

I have a problem.  Ultimately my goal is to associate points to lines... easy right?

The problem is our points are the split or break points of the lines.  Basically we have a stream set that we split using points. That after splitting them want to have some way of linking the ID of the Points to the Reach Breaks for further association later. There are equal line breaks and points and the points are to be associated with the downstream end of a line.

What I'm trying to do is write a code that will go through each row of lines, select the first node(furthest downstream point of the line), create a buffer around that node and select the point within the buffer area and insert an ID from the attribute table of the Points into a new field for the Lines.  That way when our computations are complete I can easily join based on attributed tables later.

Please help!

And Thank you!