Any Suggestions - Inverse Polygon

Discussion created by VBCrazyCoder on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by rborchert
OK, I have a request to have the map area shaded (grayed out) and have a rectangle for an area where it is not grayed out and in edit mode (like that is the active area).  The idea is that the user would be able to resize the rectangle area (active area) and the outer gray area would adjust accordingly.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? 

I was thinking of having 2 polygons, one for the grayed out map area (which could be the whole US or just the current map extent) and somehow put a hole in it for the active area.  And in that hole I would put another polygon (rectangle) that would have the edit tool resize handles.  When it is resized, the gray outer polygon would adjust opposite, so the user could increase or decrease the active area and it would adjust both polygons.

I am not a GIS programmer, so just wanted to get any ideas you folks might have on accomplishing this.  Thanks in advance!