ArcGIS 10.1 Saving Problem

Discussion created by on Sep 20, 2013
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1.  Student working with GIS Tutorial 1.

2.  It is taking me ten minutes or more to �??save�?� some map documents.  To give a specific example, when creating a new map document and then, without adding anything to it �?? just doing a �??save as�?�, it takes eight minutes.  Looking at the file size in explorer, this new, saved as, file is 46,864 KB, whereas a �??normal�?� file size, say from the �??Maps�?� folder, is on the order of 500-700 KB.  So, it appears that my new file is on the order of nearly a hundred times the size of a regular file.  I am having to go read a book or something to pass the time while the �??little circle�?� (Wait) goes round and round.  Given the number of times you should, or are asked to, save during an exercise or assignment this is getting to be a real problem.

3. I do not remember having this problem when going through the book this last summer.  I have reloaded (repaired) the application software and rebooted the computer.  I have not tried the above specific example on the classroom computer.

4. Any ideas?