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Problem with Locate Features Along Route (Linear Referencing)

Question asked by todd93 on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by rfairhur24

I am attempting to measure the distance between sites (points; n=50) that were sampled along a trail using the Linear Referencing tools. I created a "route" from my trail feature class (line; dissolved into one single feature) and was able to run the Locate Features Along Route tool without any errors. I then ran Make Route Event Layer so that I could view my points after they had been "snapped" to the trail, which all looked great.

The problem I am having is with the values in the Measure Field, which is supposed to list the distance at which each point exists along the trail. I sorted the Measure Field in descending order and expected that my sites would then be listed in the order in which they appear along the trail, and this is the case for the first 12 sites. However, the 13th site listed is the one at the opposite end of the trail and then the remaining sites are listed in sequential order and meet back up with the 12th site. I checked to see if this could be explained due to the values being measured from the other end of the trail, but this didn't add up.

So basically, it seems that the Measure Field was not calculated properly. I would greatly appreciated any insight into this. Many thanks in advance!