Animate the Graphic (access to GraphicElement?)

Discussion created by kuiperfoliage on Sep 19, 2013
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i'm trying to replicate the Identify tool as known in ArcMap. A big part is currently implemented, but i'm running into the problem of animating the Graphic when it is selected within my treeview. I don't want to use the IsSelected property on the Graphic to highlight it, but use my own animation/visualstate.

I have looked into getting access to the GraphicElement to assign and start a storyboard, but was unsuccessful to retrieve the GraphicElement through reflection (the GetReferenceElement method and property are internal/private). The element is always null when i retrieve it.

I would like to refrain from creating new ControlTemplates but I think that would probably be the solution ?

Any suggestions/comments on my approach?

Thanks for helping out.

edit: I'm using accelerated display