ORA-00942 Without Compatibility Issue?

Discussion created by MLF on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by MLF
Hello!  I have a 10.2 client trying to connect to a 10.2 Oracle geodatabase.  The error received is:

Release of GeoDatabase invalid or out of date. ORA-00942: table/view doesn't exist.

I understand, from online resources, that this is a common error with compatibility issues.  But both client and gdb here are on 10.2. 

I strongly suspect privilege issues, but cannot currently prove or disprove this theory.  I also have a second 10.2 Oracle geodatabase to which this user can connect with no trouble at all.

What should I be looking for?  I cannot ask the DBA to grant frivolous privileges, so SELECT ANY and EXECUTE DBMS* are not an option.  The documentation shows CREATE SESSION is all that a read-only user requires, but there must be more that I'm missing.

One added bit of info: the user can create a Query Layer (10.0) and an ArcSDE Connection File (10.2).  The error is only thrown when attempting a direct connect.

Thank you!