Daily weather parameter interpolation on a state level and iteration

Discussion created by kdhakal10 on Sep 18, 2013
I am working on a project that requires interpolation of weather variables across an entire state in the Midwest.

I am kind of new to geostatistics. I just found out this forum recently and  thought I could get some advice from the experts.

My question is which interpolator method would you recommend to interpolate daily rainfall, relative humidity, temperature etc on a state level.

I need to interpolate on a daily basis for 10 years and obviously there is need of iteration.

Most people seem to prefer co-kriging using elevation for rainfall interpolation. Elevation ranges from 110 m to 1350 m roughly from east to west. However, rainfall is very little on the panhandle (west). There is a distinct gradient, i.e. more on the eastern side of the state than the western side...Would cokriging be helpful?

Also, has anyone written a script to iterate cokriging (daily obeservations are on each column of my dataset) on a daily basis?

I greatly appreciate input from the community.